Tham Pi Man

The Pi man caves or spirit caves of Pang Ma Pha contain wooden coffins that have been dated from 1400 - 2200 years old. More than 80 caves in the district contain these remarkable burials. The people who interred their dead in the caves inhabited the mountains before the Thai speakers moved into present-day Thailand. The teakwood coffins have survived the millennia because of the special qualities of the durable wood and their location in the shelter of the caves. These sites are sensitive and important for the understanding of past cultures and all visitors must exercise caution to ensure they leave nothing but footprints. Please do not touch the coffins or any other artefacts but you are welcome to take photographs of these remarkable sites. It is also possible to visit more Pi Man caves in the district at villages such as Ban Jabo and Ban Rai where the local villagers can guide you to fascinating caves in their area.